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Annapolis Santa Run

Letter from the Chairman


            Hello Everyone,

With the restrictions and closures due to COVID 19 issues the way we have conducted the Annapolis Santa Run for the past 16 years will not be fesible. So this year we have been forced to change how WE as a community help our neighbors in need. 
After much research and discussion we were left with two options this year.
1) Cancel the Annapolis Santa Run
2) Hold a virtual Annapolis Santa Run and raise money for gift cards for the children.
The  thought of cancelling the Annapolis Santa Run was heart breaking and this being our 17th year not an option at all. So we are proceeding with option 2.
This years Annapolis Santa Run will take place virtually. Our plan is to post a visit with Santa online the night of the Santa Run (December 13, 2020). 

With may more of our neighbors being in need of help we are looking to buy $25 dollar gift cards for at least 1000 children (this is amount of children who WE as a community helped last year). That would require us to raise $25,000 dollars in a short period of time. Yes it is a large amount of money to raise, but if everyone who has donated presents in the past makes a donation this would be a very reasonable goal to achieve. The hope is that we can have the funds in place to buy the gift cards before the first week in December.

In an effort to support local businesses we are partnering with Franklin's Toys and Third Eye Comics. Money raised will go towards purchasing gift cards at each of these businesses. 

The gift cards will then  placed in Christmas cards and mail to our neighbors in need. As always the identity of the children will be kept confidential. 

We are accepting donations through our go fund me account. Or if you do not feel comfortable a check can be mailed to our P.O Box. Checks can be made out to Annapolis Santa Run C.O. Local 1926. Since all money is deposited in our union account the check must have local 1926 on it in order for us to cash it. 

Even though this event will take place from a distance it will require hours of volunteer work to make this a success. I will miss the interaction that I have had with many of you over the years, but we have no other options available. I do know that one other group that we work with will not be hosting a toy drive this year and another is unsure of what their future will bring. So the need this year will be greater than ever.

WE as a community have faced tough times before. Those of you that have been with us since the begining have seen the challeges that we have faced in the past. ( flooding, fires, broken fire trucks, stuck fire trucks, snow stroms etc.). WE have always gotten the job done and made sure that WE took care of OUR community. 

John Muhitch
Chairman Annapolis Santa Run




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